What do we do?

What do we do?

We customise all our surveys – and provide you with the best possible data for making sound decisions

To say that every customer is unique may sound like a cliché. However, in our world this really is the case. No two customers are the same. At Fürst Scandinavian Research, all our solutions are customer-specific and tailor-made – developed with one important thing in mind: to provide you with the best possible basis for your decisions. And sound decision-making will hopefully make your business more efficient and profitable. Designing the right survey is an art form. And we would argue that we are very good at it. Fürst Scandinavian Research is a market research company that has been operating in the industry for 25 years and this has provided us with considerable experience.

We work with a variety of research methods. Frequently, added value is created when different methods are combined. A customer survey (customer satisfaction index CSI) in combination with anonymous customer visits or in-depth customer interviews could provide comprehensive information about your customers’ experiences. Is it consistent with what your employees are experiencing? Supplement it with an employee survey to get additional depth.

What is your company’s position in the market? We can assist you with target group analyses, market surveys and positioning analyses, as well as competition monitoring.

We know market research – you know your industry! Together we are unbeatable.

Our methods for finding out the facts