What do we do?

Mystery shopping

Mystery Shopping is a way to implement and measure various customer service processes by acting like a potential/real customer.

The aim of Mystery Shopping is to define areas that have the potential for improvement by looking at the company from a customer perspective. Companies that use Mystery Shopping correctly can increase their sales, increase customer and employee satisfaction and hopefully improve their results.

The Anonymous Customer is able to identify areas where there is a need for training as well as spot small problems before they become large ones. Employees get feedback on how their actions are perceived from a customer perspective. The company receives consistent feedback on its concept and service level, which is a useful tool for benchmarking and continuous improvement at all levels of the organisation.
We have experience of making anonymous customer visits to shops, restaurants, hotels, conference facilities, car dealerships and car repair shops.

When you start a Mystery Shopping programme, the company’s vision, goals, standards and training programmes form the basis for creating a relevant checklist.

The employees must also be involved in the process. We are convinced that a successful Mystery Shopping programme requires information and understanding from the organisation about the aim of the programme and how it will be put into practice. The questions on the checklist used by the shopper should not be a secret to the employees, but should rather deal with the company’s most important issues. Employees at all levels must be informed, and if they are also involved in creating the checklist they will be more interested in the results.

We set the conditions for the project in collaboration with our customers, so that the shopper’s profile and the scenario fit the method, and the shopper can remain anonymous. All shoppers receive a thorough briefing on the assignment, both through written instructions and oral presentations.

Our online system makes it possible to quickly get feedback from the visits. The reports are produced in the requisite format. It is essential that you can quickly see the most important results, but also delve into the details. We can assign different access rights to the reports so they can be easily disseminated within the organisation.