What do we do?

Online surveys

Online surveys or online questionnaires are currently the most common form of market research. Online surveys provide the opportunity to incorporate images, sounds and video clips.

We frequently use the web to conduct employee surveys and customer surveys, as well as on other occasions where you have a relationship with the respondents and have control of the selection.

We also have access to various internet panels. This means that we can conduct online surveys that are representative of the general public from 15 years of age and over. Our panels are representative of Swedes in terms of gender, region and age. We can also conduct online surveys in other countries through these panels.

Online surveys have a number of advantages over traditional methods:

  • They provide faster responses – in principle, you can conduct an online survey on a group of recruited individuals in a matter of hours
  • They provide better opportunities to control the selection – we can use background information and information about the respondents and thus obtain the optimal selection in relation to the customer’s particular issue
  • Respondents can answer wherever and whenever they like
  • They provide better open answers and more qualitative responses – we see that respondents spend a lot of time responding to the open answers in particular. This applies especially to employee surveys.
  • You avoid the risk of erroneous results due to the interviewer effect