Who we are



A Few

A Few is a freelance strategic marketing and sales provider for companies that want to stand out as an experience provider. They work with strategies, bringing them from concept to fruition. Their clients are companies with cool products whose ambition is to grow and get to the next level, as well as to stand out as an experience provider and increase the company’s competitiveness.

Per Thorell Marketing

Educates, lectures, inspires and creates the conditions for increased profitability and sales for stores and shopping malls.

Fürst Scandinavian Research and Per Thorell Marketing collaborate in conducting various types of market research and Mystery Shopping, where Per Thorell’s knowledge of the retail sector and our knowledge and experience of market research and analysis provide you with a sound basis for your decisions. Examples of areas of collaboration:
Mystery Shopping. In retail, mystery shopping or anonymous customer visits are a great tool for assessing the store’s level of service and its sales capabilities. For example, quick online feedback means that the customer gets an effective tool enabling them to identify what needs to be done to increase customer satisfaction.

Exit interviews. In order to survey the customers of a shopping mall or a store, we conduct exit interviews. If you do not understand your customers, it is difficult to know how to reach them with your offers. It is not just about analysing existing customers, but also finding potential new customers.

Store surveys. A survey of your own customers and preferences, as well as Customer Satisfaction Index measurements and campaign follow-ups are invaluable in your efforts to obtain the data for the right business decisions to increase profitability.

Employee surveys. If your employees are not happy or motivated, your customers will notice. This leads to less satisfied customers and decreased profitability. Therefore, it is important to carry out regular employee surveys, as well as to provide feedback and implement remedial measures based on the results.